Cardiologist-supervised cardiac rehab and fitness program for people with heart disease and those at high risk. 

Run for your life. 

Research has shown that participating in a similar program in the US lowered risk of death by 47%.

Your customized prescription for health

Exercise prescription 

Diet prescription  

Lifestyle prescription  

Medication prescription  



Your future self will thank you.

BP and cholesterol at target. 

Weight down. 


Reduced risk of heart attack.

Reduced risk of stroke.




Cardiologist-supervised program tailored to your unique condition and needs. 

We help you take control of your health by creating a personalized program of exercise, diet, and education. Your exercise prescription is adjusted as your fitness improves. The cardiologist follows you throughout to optimize your medical therapy.

  • Coronary artery disease / atherosclerosis
  • Angina
  • Heart attack 
  • Heart failure 
  • Angioplasty
  • Heart surgery
  • Arrhythmia (such as atrial fibrillation)
  • Heart transplant
  • Family history of premature heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol 
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity   
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • Stroke·    


The cardiologist assesses your heart disease risk profile by reviewing your complete cardiovascular, medical, and surgical history, your medications and your symptoms. A cardiovascular examination, resting ECG and treadmill exercise stress test are performed. 

Through ongoing follow-up, the cardiologist will ensure that your risk factors for heart disease are treated to target and that you are on the best evidence-based medical therapy available. Your care is closely coordinated with your primary care physician.  



We develop a complete picture of your dietary habits, daily caloric intake and dietary intake of saturated fat, trans-fat, cholesterol, sodium, and nutrients. Education, counselling, and your diet prescription are individualized taking into account your medical diagnoses, personal preferences and cultural variables. 

Obesity is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and negatively impacts other risk factors for heart disease. Our weight management program involves a combination of diet, physical activity, exercise, and behavioural strategies. 


The initial assessment includes your baseline activity level, exercise capacity, readiness to change, and identification of barriers to increasing physical activity. A treadmill exercise stress test forms the basis to guide the exercise recommendation. Your individualized exercise prescription will include aerobic and resistance training and will address your specific needs and limitations. You will exercise 5 days a week: 2-3 times a week with us, and on your own 2-3 times a week. Your exercise prescription will be updated continually as your fitness improves. 


All patients are assessed for hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes mellitus as these conditions are associated with worse long-term cardiovascular outcomes. Optimal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar control leads to improvements in cardiovascular health and outcomes. In addition to medical therapy, we focus heavily on lifestyle and diet modification to achieve recommended targets. 


Quitting smoking can reduce cardiovascular risk by about one-third in patients with cardiovascular disease. After assessing your readiness for smoking cessation, we provide appropriate interventions in the form of education and counselling, social support, and medications, if needed. 


Our in depth psychosocial evaluation identifies important psychosocial stressors, depression, anxiety, anger or hostility, social isolation, family distress, sexual dysfunction, and substance abuse. Depression is common after cardiac events, and can lead to fatigue, lower exercise capacity, reduced quality of life, reduced sense of well-being, and an increased risk of death. We partner with a clinical psychologist for those in need of psychological support.  


47% lower risk of death  

after just 36 sessions

Researchers at Duke University studied older adults with coronary artery disease who participated in a similar cardiac rehabilitation program. Participants who attended 36 sessions had a 47% lower risk of death over a 5-year follow-up period compared to those who only attended 1 session. 

Circulation 2010;121:63-70.


Dr. Eli Rosenberg

Cardiologist & CEO 

Dr. Rosenberg is a cardiologist with a special interest in preventative cardiology. He developed the Pulse Fit Rx program to ensure patients have a place to continue the momentum created in the hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation programs. He suspended his hobbies when his twins were born, but hopes to resume rock climbing again, as soon as possible. 

Ling Pai

Fitness Director

Ling helped develop the Pulse Fit Rx program after heading up Lions Gate Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program. She is a certified clinical exercise physiologist with a special interest in heart disease. Ling is a competitive surfer in her spare time.

Danielle Sanders

Registered Dietitian 

Danielle is an experienced dietitian with a Master’s degree from Columbia University in New York. She also works closely with A Loving Spoonful, a non profit organization that provides meals for individuals and families living with HIV. She was a national level competitive swimmer in the past, and now focuses on yoga, CrossFit, and hiking.

Shelley Griffith

Registered Nurse 

Shelley holds credentials as both a registered nurse and a kinesiologist. She previously worked in Critical Care at VGH and UBC Hospital. She joined the team at Pulse Fit Rx as she has a special interest in heart disease. Shelley is a former triathlete who is beyond passionate about cycling.

Dr. Courtney Young


Dr. Young recently completed her Cardiology training at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. She also holds two Master’s degrees in healthcare quality improvement and business administration. 

Alex Brown 

Cardiac Diagnostics 

Alex is an extraordinary cardiovascular technologist who in the past effortlessly replaced three other technologists. Alex conducts our ECGs, treadmill exercise stress testing, Holter and event monitoring, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

Janice Morales

Director of Operations

Janice is a former nurse who has spent the last decade in customer service, sales and management roles. She brings strong qualifications, professionalism, and leadership to the team. 

Joyce Galing

Patient Care Coordinator

As the Patient Care Coordinator, Joyce’s role is to ensure that the clinic runs smoothly and that each patients’ needs are met. She is your advocate and, if need be, your confidant. You will be hard-pressed to find a more caring individual.


Improved quality of life. 

Less symptoms. 

Research studies have shown that people who participate in cardiac rehabilitation programs report a higher quality of life, as well as improved pain, energy level, physical function, well-being, general health, and mental health.   

Cardiac rehabilitation has also been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of shortness of breath, palpitations, and depression.

Am J Cardiol 1995;76:177-9. / Eur Heart J 1999;20:1475-84. / Am J Medicine 2007;120:799-806.


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